Welcome to the Seven Sisters Foundation Community

Increase and maintain the number of women voted into the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea

About Us

We are a community working to level the playing field in Politics of Papua New Guinea. We provide resources and a platform to increase the power females hold at all levels of business and politics, with a targeted focus on promoting equality in the political arena for Women in Papua New Guinea.

We are fiercely focused on making change by funding and supporting initiatives that enable future female leaders of Papua New Guinea.

We are unapologetic in our vision and approach to gender equality.

Why You Should Join Us

To directly be part of equality at the highest levels for Sisters, Daughters, Aunties and Mothers and Bubu's of Papua New Guinea. 

This will directly contribute to the development and enablement of female candidates entering and staying in politics through programs and resources.

You get direct access to information about candidates, gender equality initiatives and policy, including invitations to events and opportunities to participate in delivering on the Seven Sisters Foundation mission and positive impact for gender equality in Papua New Guinea.